Breaking News: Hurricane Dorian

Dorian is putting a damper on the start of our semester.

The probable path of Hurricane Dorian, courtesy of the NOAA.

The probable path of Hurricane Dorian, courtesy of the NOAA.

Ashton Craig, Writer - The Reporter

Hurricane Dorian is projected to become a Category 4 by the time it reaches Florida’s shores. As predicted, Dorian’s eye will land in Central Florida, but south of Stetson University. According to the National Hurricane Center’s Twitter account, Hurricane Dorian may reach parts of Florida as early as Saturday evening. Students need to evacuate campus by Saturday, Aug. 29 at 1:00 p.m.


As Stetson students, we should be prepared to evacuate campus with alacrity, especially for international students and those who are from out of state. Talk with your family and local friends to establish a plan to get off of campus as safely as possible.  A storm of this intensity will have life-threatening winds and it will not be safe to evacuate once it becomes too late.


Stetson released this checklist for residential students to complete before evacuation:

  • Plan now on what you will do if the campus has to close and share your plan with Stetson Residential Living and Learning by filling out the Student Hurricane Evacuation Information Form, which is available through Housing Central on MyStetson. Also share your plan with family and friends. 
  • Make sure to fill your gas tank well before you expect to travel.
  • Transport your pets away from campus. Be sure to have their paperwork, medications and food with you. A pet-friendly shelter will not let you drop off your pet. You will be required to stay at the shelter with your pet.
  • When you leave your residence hall, close and lock all windows. Unplug electrical devices and lift them off the floor. Empty refrigerators.
  • Make sure to bring with you before you leave:
    – Medications
    – Special dietary needs
    – Passports and other documents that are hard to replace
    – Cash (ATMs may not be working after the storm)
    – Identification including your student ID
    – Keys to your car and residence

As of now classes are cancelled starting Friday, Aug. 30 at 12:00 p.m. through Tuesday, Sep. 3. Remember to stay safe during and after the storm.