2018-2019 Staff

Gordon Silva

WHAT Radio - Producer

Noah Reed

Station Manager - WHAT Radio

Jacob Mauser

Associate Editor of Creative Content - Touchstone

Joseph Dallas

Writer - The Reporter

Gabby Cassidy

Touchstone Editor

Ihsaan Fanusie

Writer - The Reporter

Izzy Solorzano

Designer/ Photographer - The Reporter

Ruby Rosenthal

Designer/ Writer - The Reporter

Hannah Zeller

Writer - The Reporter

Sam Hadelman

Writer - The Reporter; Show Host - WHAT Radio

Aja Williams

Writer - The Reporter

Anika Hand

Copy Editor

Cat Keve

Photography Editor - The Reporter

Jenny Fang

Section Editor - Reporter

Lana Kaczmarek

Section Editor - The Reporter

Kaitlyn Kocsis

Section Editor - The Reporter

Hali Pollard

Creative Director - The Reporter

Colette Cacciola

Executive Editor - The Reporter

Shaylen Vitale