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Spring 2021


Surrounding Me

By Joseph Williams


At ease in the breeze of sun leaves that stay for me.

I could feel its urgency, I could sense its calmness.

Splash goes the drop to my eye to which it replenished.

Love Is

By Lisa Jordan


Love is a walk on the beach

Even though the air is cold, the water is annoying, and the sand follows you home

Love is a late night movie marathon

Even if you have to go to work in the morning

Love is coming to help

Even when it means putting down something important


Love is a limitless devotion

It is adoration at the ugliest of times

And warmth on the coldest nights

Love knows no restriction

It knows no hatred or impurity

It sits deep within the heart

Radiating joy to those so dear


Love is an embrace

It is an unquestioning generosity

It runs deep

Whether in friends or in family

It is a comfort when you are lost

And solace when you are overwhelmed


Love is what you hold

Tenderly, gently

Love is what you give

From you, to me

Fingers in My Hair

By Ally Crown


Suspended in time,

Floating between two bed posts just a few inches from the earth.

Wrapped in Nylon and your sweet humming,

The prerecorded bird songs and waterfalls

Hushed our crying minds.

Heartbeat under my head

Steadied my breath.

Everything outside our moment

Was dust.


Lurking in every corner of the room.

But the night light casted shades of 

Red, Blue, Green,

Dancing hues illuminated the dark,

A performance made only for us.

The fingers in my hair told me

Everything would be okay,

I knew they were right.

Strong arms holding me to you

Bonding us together in a way I can’t understand

Then you whispered, “Let’s go to bed.”

I would follow you anywhere.

Age of Aquarius

By Blaze


Age of Aquarius pt. 2

By Blaze