BREAKING: Stetson Returns to Tier 1 Effective Immediately

Vivianne Skavlem, Writer - The Reporter November 3, 2020

As of 4:23 pm, Nov 3, the Stetson community received an email from Lua Hancock, Stetson’s Vice President for Campus Life and Student Success, notifying the community of the return to Tier 1, effective...

Important Updates for Students as of 4/7

Vivianne Skavlem, Writer - The Reporter April 7, 2020

As of 2:46 p.m. today, Executive Vice president and Provost Noel Painter, Ph.D sent an email to students containing the following important updates: Summer sessions 1 and 2 will transition to online...

An Authentic Egyptian Movie and Conversation with Fulbright Scholar

The Movie “Asal Aswad” explores identity conflict and culture shock while also displaying the depth of Egyptian culture.
Emily Derrenbacker, Writer - The Reporter March 16, 2020

On Thursday, March 13, visiting Fulbright Scholar Noha Mayhoub hosted a showing of the movie, “Asal Aswad” which translates to “Black Honey.” The movie tells the story of an Eqyptian man who has...

Breaking News: Stetson Moving to Online Classes

Nicole Rosen, News Staff March 12, 2020

Breaking News: Classes have been moved to online for the rest of the semester. The last face to face classes will be this Saturday, March 14. Classes are cancelled on March 16 and 17 so that the transition...

Audiovisual Designer, Ginger Leigh Comes to Campus

Learn how this designer creates interactive artwork with computer science and coding.
Kendall Couture, Arts Staff February 17, 2020

On Friday, February 7, Ginger Leigh, an interactive audiovisual experience designer, came to campus to give a lecture on her work. Leigh, who also goes by Synthestruct, combines her love for coding, math,...

Javon Johnson at Stetson University

Rene Campbell, Associate Editor of Touchstone January 26, 2020

            Javon Johnson, a spoken-word poet, writer, and professor known for his work “Killing Poetry: Blackness and the Making of Slam and Spoken Word Communities” sat with Stetson students...

Stetson Jazz Ensemble

Samantha Jenkins, Arts Staff November 25, 2019

         Seats at the Athens Theater filled up fast as the audience eagerly waited to hear the Stetson Jazz Ensemble on Nov. 20, conducted by Patrick Hennessey, Ph.D.           The setlist...

Paris Accord

Hope? What Hope? We’ve Brexited the world’s best plan for climate change defense, but this time no one is celebrating.
Jay Stearman, Opinion Staff November 16, 2019

          Despite its Francophone moniker, the Paris Agreement’s negotiation was spearheaded by the United States. The Obama administration, with arduous help from top climate activists and...

Sounds New XXV

Samantha Jenkins, Arts Staff November 16, 2019

         The Amernet String Quartet is the Ensemble-in-Residence at Florida International University in Miami. The group has been performing around the world for years, and were Quartet-in-Residence...

Guitar Ensembles

Samantha Jenkins, Arts Staff November 10, 2019

         The Guitar Ensemble began with a beautiful duet between Lauren Baucum (‘21) and Jacob Spangler (‘21). As they played comforting melodies and harmonizing chords, the audience on the floor...

The Must-Do Homecoming Events for Stetson Students

Lauren Barney, Design Staff/News Staff November 9, 2019

         Homecoming weekend has finally arrived and is filled with tons of exciting events for Stetson students and alumni. Starting this afternoon, get excited for the homecoming football game by...

Food Truck F*ckery

Vivianne Skavlem November 9, 2019

         Yesterday night, the CUB hosted a celebration gala for the successful $200 million fundraising campaign, which displaced Stetson students for dinner. To combat this double booking of the...

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