Best bad movies


Carmen Cruz, Executive Editor

Let’s be honest, nothing hits quite like hate watching a bad movie with the gang. Horrible scripts, janky special effects, random creepy puppets, and terrible acting are all food for the soul and fodder for a great laugh. There’s something magical about a movie so bad that it circles around coherency and lands somewhere between camp and iconic. So if you’re looking for a recommendation or a place to start, look no further—I practically have a PhD in this. 




This once TikTok famous film boasts an absolutely absurd plot that is downright hilarious. A priest goes on a quest for justice alongside a hooker who is also a doctor by fighting bad guys after his werewolf-like transformation into a dinosaur. It’s just as unhinged as it sounds. Get ready for a far too ambitious low-budget film that’ll both confuse and delight you. Available on Amazon Prime. ⅘


Knights of Badassdom


This questionably star-studded cast delivers a convincing fantasy-esque plot that really works. It centers around a band of misfits and LARP (live-action role-play) enthusiasts who stumble upon a real-life horror scenario. The movie stars Peter Dinklage, Steve Zahn, Ryan Kwanten, and quite possibly the most ridiculous-looking monster-man antagonist ever created. The best part? Our hero saves the day with the power of a bad death metal number. Available on Amazon Prime. ⅘ 


The Room


This movie’s got everything: terrible acting, random spoons that feature prominently, possibly the worst script ever written, no transitions at all, and more. Experiencing this film will inspire questions such as, “Who let this happen?” and “This can’t be real, can it?” It’ll make you physically uncomfortable to watch at times. It’s terrible and never gets better, which makes it a must-watch. Available on YouTube. 5/5 


Napoleon Dynamite 


This is the story about a strange boy from an equally strange midwestern town where practically nothing happens. The awkward dialogue, pacing, and fashion choices will leave you confused, but its iconic one-liners more than make up for its sub-par production. Half the fun is searching for the plot, and the other half is mimicking the main cast’s hilarious dialogue. Available on Hulu. 5/5