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Letters from the Editors


Dear Reader, 


I’m thrilled to extend a warm welcome to you as we embark on the Spring semester together, and what better way to kick it off than with a brand-new edition of The Reporter. Our staff came up with amazing stories that address  one thing we can all relate to: consumption. Whether you’re navigating the virtual aisles of Amazon, savoring a meal at the CUB, or immersing yourself in the rhythm of music during a stroll to class, we’re consistently engaged in acts of consumption – even when we may not know it. 


In these pages, you’ll find intriguing insights into our diverse consumption habits, from the latest trends shaping our campus to thought-provoking stories on how our choices impact the world around us. So, what’s a better way of consuming than settling down somewhere comfy with some headphones on and reading our newest edition of the Reporter?

Happy Consuming,

Alis Cadena



Dear Reader,


The theme of this edition of the Reporter, consumption, honestly felt like a total indulgence for me to write and edit. After Stetson, I will go on to grad school to study consumer and food history and material culture. 


Now what exactly do we mean by consumption? We mean all the ways that you act as a consumer, through shopping, eating and the music that you play. We also mean all the ways that YOU are the consumed thing. Check out the piece on social media and consider how it might make you more of a product than a consumer. We also mean all the ways you choose not to consume, explored in more detail in the piece on Boycotts. 


WOW, that was a lot of definitions of consumption; I hope it doesn’t feel too all-consuming 😉 One final request: Will you consume this magazine?


Let’s Eat,

Carlye Mahler,

Managing Editor



Dear reader,


Some things remain the same, and some things change. This is a truth I’ve come to realize as this very relevant issue of the Reporter was in development.


It is my senior year here at Stetson, and I go to the Friday night market downtown almost every week. Over the last four years, I’ve seen vendors come and go from the market lineup. The girl who ran my favorite jewelry booth graduated last year from a nearby college and no longer attends the market. I only started visiting the dog-centric booths when my dog, Coco Bean, was living on campus with me. 


My Friday night structure doesn’t change. I walk downtown, I grab a tea to sip while I peruse the market, and I grab some food on the way home. But the things I do, the people I interact with, and the products I consume are different almost every single time I go. 


So consider this as you read: What do you consume? Who produces it? How does that relationship impact the both of you? Expand from there: how might your consumption habits impact your community as a whole?


This doesn’t just apply to the purchasing of goods, either. What kind of media do you consume? I know that some of my favorite songs were recommended to me by people I am no longerI no longer am close with. Their consumption of media left an impact on me, and I’m sure I’ve done the same for others. 


So take your time as you read through this issue of the Reporter and reflect on your consumption behaviors, habits, and patterns. Part of why we’re here at Stetson is to better our understanding of the world around us and our place in it. 


What we consume affects not only ourselves… Come to terms with that, and you’ll be all the better for it. 






Dear Shopaholic,


As we break into the Spring semester, I’m excited to share a magazine full of flavor—a little bit of spice, a little bit of sweetness and a lot of care and time taken to craft and curate for your reading and viewing pleasure. Inside, you’ll discover a collection of interviews, deep dives and stories that vividly depict our consumerist culture. From exploring the latest internet trends to digging into the world of non-consumer power, we hope you enjoy this latest issue of The Reporter: The Consumerism Issue. 


I hope you find as much joy in exploring this issue as I did  designing it. It’s definitely one of the most fun projects I’ve been privileged to work on.


Let’s go thrifting, 

Hayden Collins

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