Stetson Traditions


Logan Warren and Hayden Collins

Hello! Welcome to Stetson University. As part of the Hatter Community, you will get to experience all our long-lasting traditions that make Stetson, well, Stetson!  


  • For football fans, we have the March of the Hatters. Cheer on your team as they take a glorious march towards the field! 


  • Enjoy a Late-Night Breakfast at the end of each semester! This event, brought to you by Hatter Productions, is the most delicious way to kick off finals week. Yum!


  • We also have Values Day! Every fall semester, Hatters get to enjoy a day without classes where you can attend all sorts of different Cultural Credit events to learn about the Values that Hatters represent! 


  • Do you enjoy sitting by the fountain in Palm Court? Well, on your birthday you may end up sitting in it! Here at Stetson, we celebrate birthdays by tossing the Birthday Hatter into the fountain!  


  • At graduation, students have the option of embracing Stetson’s roots and wearing a Stetson Hat in place of a cap at Graduation! (Hatters even receive a 20% discount on Stetson hats!) 


Here at Stetson, we hope you enjoy all our community traditions! And perhaps, you might even make some of your own. Roll hat!