Stetson Celebrates International Week

Stetson’s World Outreach hosts the International Game Tournament at the Hollis Center.

Kendall Couture, News Staff

Stetson’s World Outreach, Research, Learning and Development (W.O.R.L.D.) ambassadors and the social committee held an event on Nov. 13, celebrating International Week on campus.

The event, which was held in the Hollis Center, celebrated different cultures by having games from around the world set up for students to play. Along with games, there was an information session on studying abroad, a table promoting the Portuguese club, including pizza and refreshments.

Students were encouraged to play games like water pong (America), tug of war (Africa), sushi Jenga (Japan), and Brazilian trivia. If you were unfortunate enough to lose Brazilian trivia, you suffered a pie to the face, which made it arguably the most popular event of the night.

If a student won three games, they received a goodie bag with different international treats. The treats included, pocky, which is assorted Japanese candy, Bueno Kinder chocolate, and sheets of seaweed, popular in Korea.

Fifty or so students attended the event, including Lisa Weidemann (‘21) and Sophia Scheible (‘21), both of whom are international students from Germany.

When asked why they feel it is important to come to events like this, Scheible said, “I think it’s because we have this little group of international students, we’re all very close. It’s nice to spend time together.”

Weidemann said she loves being an international student at Stetson because she has never felt uncomfortable and knows there is a strong international community.

Ansley McCoy (‘22), one of the W.O.R.L.D. ambassadors in charge of the event, had similar sentiments, stating, “We wanted students to understand and appreciate different cultures, but in a fun way. I think it’s important because we have a lot of different cultures represented on this campus and we should make sure they feel acknowledged.”

The event seemed to be a hit as students indulged in pizza, soda, and pies to the face. The W.O.R.L.D. ambassadors were happy with the turnout and believe they have found a new way to get Stetson students excited about other cultures.