SGA Highlights – 10/30


SGA Highlights. Written by: Jenny Fang.

Traffic Court 

To appeal the fine for parking tickets, SGA holds traffic court. If you received a parking ticket that you feel is unfair, you may make an appeal to the University Traffic Appeals Board. The University Traffic Appeals Board consists of three members of SGA. Information about traffic court and appealing tickets will be sent out in an email to the student body.


Finances for Organizations 

The total requested amount from 10 different student organizations was $41,295.80. Only $22,291.34  was available to be allocated from SGA this fall for funding for student organizations that requested funding.  The starting balance for funding was $22,291.34.The Finance Committee recommended funding $14,456 to various organizations on campus. This amount has been approved.  The remaining $7,835.34 will be used for funding requests beginning in the Spring of 2020 in February. The next period of funding requests will occur in March. Organizations operate with the understanding that the full usage of their budget will bolster their credit when requesting budgets again in the next period. For example, if an organization does not use the entirety of their budget, the next period they may be subject to cuts/less consideration by the finance committee.

Student Organization Name Requested Amount Funded Amount
Alpha Epsilon Delta $700 $218
Amnesty International $2,695 $845
HackerSpace $15,766 $4,270
Meditation Club $295 $245
Mu Beta Psi $19,130 $7,473
Plant Pals $1,200 $430
Pre-Vet $400 $400
Psi Chi $620 $525
Stetson University Dental Students (SUDS) $275 $50
Theta Alpha Phi $215
$41,295.80 $14,456


Senator Appointments 

Holly Brown (‘20) and Kasandra Myers (‘20) have been appointed as senators for their respective class. Sarah Munnigh has been appointed as a Senior at Large. Lillian Lewis has been appointed as a senator for the class of 2022. All four of these senators have been sworn in to their respective positions. 


Campus Life 

New bike racks will be installed. The Chair of Campus Life is getting in contact with facilities for installing these new bike racks. 



  • There will be a Beer & Yoga event on Nov. 23.
  • SGA is hosting SGA Idol, which is a karaoke night that will be occurring in December.


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