Social Gatherings Found in Violation of Stetson Community Standards, Internal Review Follows in Athletic Teams

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Ihsaan Fanusie, Sports Editor

      On the weekend of Aug. 15, several social gatherings on and near Stetson’s DeLand campus were reported to the school. These gatherings were alleged to be noncompliant with Stetson’s community standards of social distancing, mask-wearing, and limited numbers for any social events.


      One student, who wished to remain anonymous, described large groups of 20-30 Stetson students at the beach. Included in these groups, according to the eye witness, were members of the Stetson baseball, football, and men and women’s soccer.


      A contact for the women’s soccer team commented that they were aware of the gatherings over the weekend. 


      “We are aware those gatherings violate Stetson standards for COVID-19 prevention,” said Cris Belvin, the assistant director of athletic communications. “Our response to those who violated the standards will be handled internally.”


      Details about the university’s response to the gathering can be found in the email from Lua Hancock sent to all students on Monday, Aug. 17.


      “The hosts of the gathering have been placed on interim suspension until their conduct hearings this week,” Hancock wrote. “We ​are identify​ing those in attendance and isolat​​ing them per Stetson and CDC protocol. Attendees will receive sanctions.”


      No new information regarding the incidents was given to students after the email.