Confirmed COVID-19 Case at Stetson

Hannah Zeller, Executive Editor

Stetson Communications relayed to the Stetson Community Tuesday evening that a Stetson student has tested positive for COVID-19.


The student, who was not being housed on campus, is now being hospitalized in Orlando.


The university will not be releasing the student’s name, but did provide the following details:


The student had not been feeling well and had limited her access and interactions with the campus since March 6, but attended a baseball game on March 11 at Melching Field as a student employee. She worked in the press box, but ran promotions and did interact with the crowd. Also, she attended a sorority meeting on March 16.


The sorority and Athletics Department have been notified. The City of DeLand Parks and Recreation Department also has been notified since Melching Field is a city property. The university is working with the Florida Department of Health (DOH), and is currently following its infectious disease protocol.


The university has identified individuals who may have been in contact with the student and asked them to monitor their symptoms per CDC guidelines and report any symptoms to Stetson University’s Health Service.”



The university advises that that students and members of the Stetson community who have been on campus in the last 14 days and feel they have may have come in contact with the virus, or are exhibited COVID-19 symptoms should alert the university via this form, or by contacting the university’s Health Services or Stetson Public Safety. The university also encourages people to report potential cases on behalf of people they believe may be experiencing symptoms.