SGA Highlights – 9/16


SGA Highlights. Written by Jenny Fang.

All senators that were elected on Sept. 9 at 7:59 p.m. were sworn in and silently recited the Oath of Office led by Former SGA Vice President, Hannah B. Weary (‘21) at 7:34 p.m. on Sept.16.


The Oath of Office may be found in Section 401 of the 2019-2020 SGA Bylaws.


On Sept. 16 at 8 p.m, the results for the 2020 Fall Runoff Elections were announced. Joshua Finkelstein (‘22) and Daniel Hendrick (‘23) won the election. Finkelstein and Hendrick will be sworn into office next week. The rest of the Executive Board of SGA will be determined in the upcoming weeks.

Update: According to an article from Stetson Today published on Sept. 17, Finkelstein and Hendrick won by just four votes.


Senator Orientation 

Shortly after being sworn in, all senators attended a senator orientation. During this senator orientation, all senators were trained on the basics of SGA senatorial expectations, such as senatorial duties and responsibilities, like serving on a committee and fulfilling the required office hours, and the basics of parliamentary procedure. Senators were also trained on the legislative process of SGA, including the structural process of writing legislation. All of these requirements are set forth in the 2019-2020 Bylaws.


The Structural Organization of SGA

The Senate:

The Senate is composed of 10 Senators At-Large, four senators per graduating class, four senators for the College of Arts and Sciences, two senators for the School of Business, two senators for the School of Music, and two Student-Athlete senators.



There are typically seven Committees. There may be a designated chair for the committees for special functions such as the Electoral Committee for SGA Elections. 


There are three Administrative Committees.

  • Executive Committee: Chaired by the SGA President and also consists of Vice President, President Pro Tempore, Director of Internal Operations, Director of Finances, Director of Marketing and Outreach, Chair of Academic Affairs, Chair of Diversity and Inclusion, and Chair of Campus Life.
  • Legislative Committee: Chaired by SGA Vice President and also consists of the Chair/s of the Legislative Committee, President Pro Tempore, and the Director of Finance.
  • Rules Committee: Chaired by the Director of Internal Operations and also consists of the Chair/s of the Legislative Committee.


There are four legislative committees for members of the Senate to participate in: 

  • Academic Affairs Committee
  • Committee on Campus Life
  • Finance Committee
  • Committee on Diversity and Inclusion


The legislative process for SGA:

  1. An issue is brought to SGA’s attention.
  2. A bill is written by a senator/s.
  3. The bill is sent to the Legislative Committee.
  4. The bill is sent to and reviewed by the corresponding committee.
  5. The bill is discussed and then voted on during a senate meeting.
  6. The bill is signed into effect and implemented by the SGA President.


Tracking COVID-19

Test results from the Stetson community are part of Deland’s and Volusia County’s test results.

Information from the COVID-19 Tracking webpage of the Safer Stetson website


As of Sept. 16, overall, from the total number of residential students who are actively positive, there is a 0.1% positivity rate for residential students.


As of Sept. 16, there was a cumulative total of 97 cases.

  • Cumulative cases from students: 93
  • Cumulative cases from employees: 4

Update: As of Sept. 18, there is a cumulative total of 98 cases.

  • Cumulative cases from students: 94
  • Cumulative cases from employees: 4


Current Active Cases on Campus

As of Sept. 18, there are three actives cases

  • Active cases from students: 2
  • Active cases from employees: 1


Isolated On Campus

As of Sept. 16, 31 members of the Stetson Community were in isolation.

  • Students in isolation: 19
  • Employees in isolation: 12

Update: As of Sept. 18, 34 members of the Stetson Community are in isolation.

  • Students in isolation: 24
  • Employees in isolation: 10


Stay updated with SGA for more information.