Graduation Fee Credit

Today, Bursar, Brain L. Johnson, sent an email to undergraduate graduating seniors regarding a $100 credit for graduation due to the impact that COVID-19 has had on families of graduating seniors. One hundred dollars is credited because this is typically the cost of the diploma, the cost of mailing and updating transcripts, and closing financial accounts. Graduating seniors will receive their diploma in the mail as soon as they have met the academic requirements and satisfied any financial obligations. The money will be credited in the form of a check delivered to your registered address in the system.  As a graduating senior, if you have not informed the Stetson University Post Office of any requests pertaining to mail forwarding, please complete a form to ensure that your refund check is sent to your address. 


The $100 credit will first be applied toward any outstanding and significant student balances. Any remaining credits will be returned shortly following the standard refund process. Seniors should also check their student accounts to verify that the $100 credit was applied. In the case that you have not, please contact the Bursar’s Office