What You Can Do on Campus After the Stay-At-Home Order was Placed


Courtesy of: Stetson Residential Living & Learning.

Gov. Ron DeSantis ordered a mandatory stay-at-home order which will be in effect until Thursday, April 30. Because this order limits many services from being open and outside movement, the personal interaction that on-campus students are limited to are essential services and they should follow the stay-at-home order. 


Students can: 

  • Pick up food at The Commons, Coffee Shop, or restaurants off-campus.
  • Go to the bookstore or a store off-campus to buy essentials, such as groceries and medicine. 
  • Stay outside to exercise and relax while social distancing. 
  • Use available campus services and locations. 
  • Call Health Services or Public Safety. 
  • Follow the code of community standards. 

Students cannot:

  • Have unapproved visitors in your residential building. 
  • Go visit anyone off campus.
  • Not practice social distancing.
  • Be in groups larger than ten.
  • Take unnecessary trips away from campus.
  • Violate the code of community standards.