Food Truck F*ckery

Vivianne Skavlem

         Yesterday night, the CUB hosted a celebration gala for the successful $200 million fundraising campaign, which displaced Stetson students for dinner. To combat this double booking of the space, the Homecoming Committee devised a great compromise. For dinner, local food truck vendors were brought in, and students were able to use a meal swipe at one of the vendors. Despite the overcast and rainy weather, the mood of the students milling about the food trucks was decidedly excited. Even though I was there at the beginning of the meal period, there were still many students going from truck to truck to explore the options. After swiping in at the Rinker Field House, students were given a ticket to use in exchange for one meal at one of the six setups. Students could choose from Mission Taco Inc, Rollin’ Dough, Willy T’s Crab Shack, Smokin J’s BBQ & Catering, Goodafooda, and Chartwells. 

         Speaking to Troy Surloff (’22) who is on the homecoming committee, he said “it’s the first annual and we hope to be bringing it back next year… This event in particular allows students to mingle with alumni.” Surloff was also extremely excited to have more and different options than just what we get in the CUB. He was most excited about trying Goodafooda because he “loves fries and loves cheese.” I can personally vouch for Goodafooda, as I got fries with nacho cheese and bacon bits. The ladies who worked the truck were very kind and personable. This event will be one to look forward to in the future!