A first and last goodbye, from our 2018-2019 Copy Editor

Anika Hand, Copy Editor - Hatter Network

Dear reader,

Well here I am, among the many letters, saying my first hello and last goodbye all at once; I’ll make it brief. In the midst of senior year planning, research, contemplation and a bit of nostalgia, I decided that I would apply for copy editor of The Reporter, and have since then been utterly surprised at the mine of joy, enthusiasm, and talent I would find among my fellow team members. By choice I have stayed rather behind the scenes, but it has been a true pleasure to comb through each piece that has been published in this last year, and to witness the creativity and curiosity that drives our writers. I have loved The Reporter as a locus of investigation but also of pure fun, and that most of all, it is a site of students encouraging other students to stretch their wings and soar into the world of writing about what piques interest.

It has been a humbling experience to work with others so full of dedication and drive, and to see each issue come together before my very eyes.


In thanks,