Freshman Dorm Superlatives

Gordis offers a great community to be around! Nemec offers a great opportunity to get a bit of a workout in! Check out the best (or worst) feature of your hall!


Julexis Gonzalez, Writer - The Reporter

Carson-Hollis: Most likely to have enough space for the ultimate sleepover.

With the many connections you can make at Stetson, Carson offers a Multitude of space for any kinds of events you might want to have. From movie nights, to game days, and just spending time with your new friends! After all, anything can be used as a blanket.


Gordis: Most likely to know almost everyone on your floor.

Gordis offers a great community to be around! Many past residents continue to advertise about the many lifelong connections they’ve made over the course of the year. As nerve wracking as it seems, don’t hesitate to open your door and accept all the new adventures that may come your way! With how thin some dorm walls are, there is a guarantee to know almost everyone- willing or not.


Conrad: Most likely to be first in line at any campus location.

Conrad, being right in the middle of campus, offers quick and easy access to the Welcome Center, the CUB, and even the Bookstore. Be first in line to almost any production on the green and experience the fun activities and events that Stetson has to offer!


Chaudoin: Most likely to get closed off for the semester.

Chadouin stands along with many other historic places on campus. After so long, Chadouin unfortunately will no longer share its ghostly quarters with students this year. Hopefully, this dorm will open its doors once again for new students to experience the beauty that remains in its halls.


Nemec: Most likely to be ripped carrying groceries into your dorm.

Almost everywhere on campus has more stairs than your average mall, but Nemec offers a great opportunity to get a bit of a workout in. All you need is a few grocery bags and you’re on your way to become as strong as the urge to sleep in on an early Monday. Probably best to set a reminder.