Feeling Bored? Try a Vision Board

Sometimes, as we work towards a goal, the ideas we have for our futures become tired. Naomi Johnson ’22 shows us how we can revitalize your intentions for the future through vision boards,


Gaby Molina

Naomi Johnson ’22 poses with her vision board. Johnson and others use vision boards to help focus on what they want in life. Johnson suggests to identify one’s goals and finding words and images to visualize that.

Naomi Johnson, News Staff

Vision boards are fun and easy to make. The practice of visualization can help you focus on what you want in life and can be gorgeous ways to conceptualize your ambitions. This step-by-step tutorial will help you begin to brainstorm ideas about your future, and help you focus your vision to reflect specific goals.

  1. START WITH A BASE. A framed piece of paper, a corkboard, or even a letter board will do.
  2. IDENTIFY YOUR GOALS AND WHAT YOU WANT. Find images or write things to place on the board. I tend to pick 3 or 4-word visuals to anchor the board. (I hand-wrote the ones here, but you can use a word document to print them off!)
  3. PICK A FEW THINGS OR PEOPLE THAT INSPIRE YOU. Select someone you look up to, like Audrey Hepburn, or a place you want to visit, such as New York City.
  4. ADD SOME VISUALS TO FILL FREE SPACE ON THE BOARD. I used flowers and a wave, but you can use anything that speaks to you.
  5. TAKE ALL THE IMAGES YOU WANT, PRINT, AND CUT THEM OUT. These can be in color or printed on colored paper, but I opted for a black and white minimalist look. For a bit of pop, I took two colored markers and added details to the cut-out. I also added some hand-drawn doodles, for a more personal touch.
  6. ARRANGE ALL THE PHOTOS AND TEXT ON THE BOARD IN A WAY THAT IS APPEALING TO YOU. Each time you look. something new should catch your eye and help you begin to visualize what you want in your future.