It’s Okay to be Alone on Valentine’s Day

Calista Headrick, Writer - The Reporter

It’s that time of year again. Valentine’s Day is upon us: a day full of candy, roses, and happy couples. Meanwhile, I’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day from the comfort of my bed, ice cream in hand, and a rom-com to keep me company because for me and many other lonely souls, this holiday is a reminder that I’m hopelessly single. 


Okay, I’m being dramatic. But even if that is the case, does being alone really matter? For me, the answer to that is a resounding no. 


It’s okay to be alone on Valentine’s Day. Isn’t it just some arbitrary day that we slap a label onto so that companies can make even more money off of some sort of commercialized romance? According to, “Americans will spend roughly $19.2 billion on gifts this year, each gift averaging $110.” Not only this, but do we need an excuse to show our love for someone?


We live in a society that puts so much pressure into having your life together and being in a perfect relationship. In reality, although it may feel like it, we don’t need someone else’s love and affection to be happy. Just because you’re not in a relationship, it in no way equates to your value as an individual. 


Besides, is every person that celebrates with their significant other truly happy? Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be exclusive to romantic relationships. You can spend the day with friends and family, or any varying degree of a relationship, because these kinds of relationships deserve to be celebrated too.


Some would say that it’s meaningful to have a day dedicated to spending money on expensive gifts for the person you love, and I’m not going to disagree with that. For many it’s important and I can see the value in celebrating a day to do something nice for the person you love, but these things aren’t reserved just for this singular day of the year.



Either way, I think the most important thing to remember is that a relationship, or the lack thereof, doesn’t define your happiness or your life. So when you’re sitting at home by yourself on Valentine’s Day, don’t sweat it. Who needs a relationship anyway? Go out and spend some time with your loved friends and family. Or don’t. Because like I said, it’s okay to be alone on Valentine’s Day.