What’s WHAT Radio?

Gracie Lookadoo: A few very unique things. Like the first official completely student-run radio station in Florida. It’s also a platform open to students who want to run their own podcasts or learn about audio technology. More specifically, WHAT Radio’s mission is to provide the Stetson community and greater world at large with thrilling and exciting content as often and as early as possible. You read that right – WHAT Radio has an international audience. This year, WHAT will be featuring local talent in its new series, Studio Sessions: LIVE. A schedule of podcasts will be released at a later date. The WHAT Team is full of passionate artists who want to let their voices be heard while honing their skills.

Kris Villota: Radio is a free safe space where almost anyone can have a voice. On a much more personal note, WHAT Radio has helped me develop my sharp-minded thinking for audio engineering solutions. Because of WHAT giving me the live experiences of setting up equipment and dealing with audio emergencies, I know I will be prepared in the field and it will help me stand out from my peers. Anyone can gain these same skills under WHAT Radio.

Destin Beaumont: WHAT Radio is personally significant to me because it opens new opportunities to discover sounds I would have never experienced otherwise. Also personally, radio stations are a big thing in my country and as a result, the presence of talk shows as well as music on radios with personalities really impacts me.

Gordon Silva: I’m able to share my original music. I get to work with a team of like-minded folk while learning the process of broadcasting and podcasting. Personally, I love using all the technology and microphones and speakers. Even laying out cables is fun.