Spend Your Thursday Nights at Uncouth Hour

Answering the questions you want to hear about Stetson’s weekly open mic night.

What is Uncouth?

  • The best (read: easiest) way to earn cultural credits! (Of which you need 24 to graduate, by the way, so it might be a good idea to get started).
  • A place where Stetson students can display their art/writing/music/comedy/etc. to our school community in an open mic setting.
  • An opportunity to watch some wonderful performances and perform yourself, if you’re feeling brave.
  • Somewhere to go for an hour to procrastinate all the homework you just don’t want to do…don’t worry, we all feel the same way.
  • Free food! Need I say more?

Who is Uncouth?

  • Overseen by Jacob Mauser, Editor of Stetson’s literary and arts journal, Touchstone, and Rene Campbell, Touchstone’s Associative Editor.
  • Run BY Stetson University students FOR Stetson University students. Performers and the crowd alike who ultimately decide the moods of the evening: funny, sad, serious, angry, stressed, or maybe even happy (on the rare occasion we’re not all dying inside).