SGA Highlights – 10/16


SGA Highlights. Written by: Jenny Fang.

Bills S.1 and S.2 have now officially been signed 

S1: Taste of the World Bill 

As part of SGA’s partnership and sponsoring Taste of the World with Multicultural Student Council (MSC), this bill states that SGA contributes:  

  • A total of $4,620
    • $2400 for tables 
    • $2620 for merchandise: shirts, cups, bags, and buttons 

S.2. Student-Athlete Seats 

Bill S.2 is an amendment to the SGA Bylaws that proposes two seats in the senate be reserved for varsity student-athletes. This bill is in place so that student-athletes may be accurately recognized so that there is an accurate representation of the Stetson athletic department (SAAC).


New Senator Appointment

Veronica Bautista has been appointed for senator at large  

  • 23 voted “yes,” one abstained from voting  

Connor Haugen has been appointed for Class of 2021 senator

  • 24 voted “yes” 

Both of these senators have been sworn into their respective positions.

Open Seats

The process of filling in an available senator position requires a submission through an HatterSync and an interview process by the SGA President and Vice President. 


Campus Life 

  • There will be a Beer & Yoga event right after homecoming. The date and time will be announced later.  
  • There will be a bill coming out soon for banning single-use plastic on campus. 


Fall Internship Career Expo 

The Fall Internship Career Expo will take place this Friday, Oct. 25 from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Hollis Center Rinker Fieldhouse. The Career Expo is a way to connect with organizations and employers from a wide variety of internship sites and job opportunities. A comprehensive list of organizations and employers that will be present can be found on HatterJobs under “My Events.” Please make sure to bring an updated copy of your resume.