First-Year 411

Dean of Students Lynn Schoenberg gives incoming students her best advice on how to succeed at Stetson.

October 19, 2019

Learning happens everywhere at Stetson.

You are probably expecting to learn a lot in your classes, which is great. Students also learn a lot here outside of class. This happens in the residence halls, on the intramural field, over meals in the commons and in a hammock on Palm Court. Stay open to learning throughout your experience. Communication is key to this kind of real life experienced learning.



Try things that are slightly out of your comfort zone. This is a time and a place to be exploring something new. Have fun.


Remember to connect to the reason you are here.

Students tell me all the time that Stetson is not just about getting a degree. It is about a passion, a mission, a drive for learning or a success path. Do not let this real motivation get too far from the front of your mind. Let it drive you while still being open for it to stretch some. Stop and ask yourself – Why am I REALLY here?


Create your own support network, your personal board of directors.

Connecting takes effort and time. It is an active process. Everyone does it at their own speed. Consider campus engagement opportunities like student organizations and employment.


Ask questions. Ask for help.

There are always people around at Stetson who want to help, like your Resident Assistants (RA’s), faculty advisors, success coaches, and your Dean of Students (that’s me). We all need help sometimes. You can always find me at my open office hours, Tuesday, 12-1 p.m. in front of the CUB. You can sincerely talk to me and ask me about anything.

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