Senior Spotlight: Exploring Vulnerability with Milk Baths

February 21, 2018

Victoria Klein, a Digital Arts major, chose photography as the focus of her senior project as it’s one of her many passions. In her own words she “felt photography was the best way to show how I’ve grown by trying something new”. However, what came from this idea was a concept similar to milk bath photography. Her general idea has remained the same, but her choice as to where the photographs would be taken changed several times until she settled on the bathtub. The bath seemed to be the most realistic choice as it was a major time saver for herself and her models.

The overall theme of her research is domestic violence, which can be seen by the simple details of bruising and blood. Victoria chose to keep things subtle to show how people miss the warning signs of what is happening; she wants those viewing her work to look closely at all the aspects of her pictures. Her work is meant to show a contrast of how women are meant to be soft and feminine but are simultaneously the group most affected by all kinds of violence around the world. Her research began as a way for her to show her personal growth and ended up becoming a deeply meaningful project that can leave a lasting impression on many people.

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