Hatter Network


12-1pmAre You Not Entertained? (Wasman)AYNE (Wasman)
1-2pmAYNE (Wasman)AYNE (Wasman)NICHE (Gordon)
2-3pmNICHE (Gordon)Good Time Gang (Cosmo)
3-4pmThe Malachi Gabriel ShowAuntie Adjacent (Kala and Michayla)Good Time Gang (Cosmo)
4-5pmWe Are Stetson (Jack)The Malachi Gabriel ShowWHAT TEAM Meeting
5-6pm90s Rock (Saige)
6-7pm*Insert Game Here* (Naomi and Elizabeth)GameTime (Kevin)GameTime (Kevin)90s Rock (Saige)
7-8pmGame Haven (Danny)The Alternative Mixtape (Bella)
8-9pmClassic Rock (Saige) MaxxPolicy (Maxx)Song for Everything (Nathan W) @8:30
9-10pmClassic Rock (Saige) What is Funny? (Nathan P)SFE (Nathan W) till 9:30UNCOUTH
10-11pmWhat's the Name of this Podcast? (Malachi)UNCOUTH
11pm-12amWhat's the Name of this Podcast? (Malachi)UNCOUTHAnarchy of Speech (Bree)