SGA Highlights – 8/26


SGA Highlights. Written by Jenny Fang.

  • Paolo Teodorescu (‘23) has been nominated and approved to be on the electoral committee.
    • For this vote, there were sixteen in favor and one abstention.


SGA Elections 

  • Campaigning for SGA elections started on Aug. 27 and will be occurring until Sept. 9. 
    • For campaigning virtually, different graphics can be posted on social media. 
  • SGA elections will be held on Sept. 9.

This graphic contains more information regarding SGA elections.


Lua Hancock, Ph.D., Vice President of Campus Life and Student Success (CLaSS), and Lynn Schonenberg, Dean of Students, were present for part of this meeting. 

Hancock and Schoenberg addressed the following topics:


How the Progression of Tiers is Determined

  • Because safety is prioritized, the progression of tiers is determined by community exposure and the impact of COVID-19 on campus.
    • Reduced levels of community exposure determine the resumption of in-person meetings and in-person events.
  • If local hospitalization increases and if there is a large impact or a large number of COVID-19 cases, the campus might be evacuated.
  • With steady increases in positive cases and an increase in students in insolation, the Safer Campus Task Force (SCTF) is meeting weekly to make decisions for evaluating the progression of tiers.


Reporting Concerns 


On-Campus Isolation 

  • For on-campus students that are being isolated, meals are being delivered once per day during lunchtime by Public Safety and volunteers.
    • Concerns and technical glitches regarding meal delivery are resolved.
  • On-campus students are being isolated in on-campus locations with single bedrooms and bathrooms. Factors and symptoms determine the duration of isolation.
    • Hypothetically, if a student is within 6 feet of someone and tests positive, the student should be isolated because it is likely that they are exposed.
    • If a student tested positive, they are isolated for ten days and then ensured that they have experienced an additional 24 hours of being asymptotic.
      • If a student is symptomatic, but has not or is not receiving testing, the student will be advised to wait for fourteen days of being symptom-free.
    • If a student tested positive and is asymptotic, the student will be advised to wait fourteen days to be cleared because they still can be contagious.
    • If symptoms are experienced again, there are more extreme circumstances.


Contact tracing 

  • Stetson communications will be sending emails regarding COVID-19 exposure to students that potentially could be exposed and emails regarding community exposure from contact tracing and Everbridge. The people at risk will remain anonymous, however, the level of exposure will be mentioned to the students that are potentially exposed.
  • Students with symptoms and exposure to COVID-19,will be checked for temperature and other potential symptoms and be asked a questionnaire. Other peers may also be asked about the individual at risk. 
    • The questionnaire might ask questions regarding exercising, organizations, and participation of social gatherings.
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), contact tracers do not have to be health professionals.


Free On-Campus Antigen Testing 

  • Free testing will be available every other week to all members of the Stetson Community from AdventHealth Centra Care DeLand at the Hollis Center.
    • Results from rapid antigen testing will be available in 15 minutes. 
  •  The dates for testing are Sept. 8, Sept. 22, Oct. 6, Oct. 20, Nov. 4, and Nov. 18.
  • Stetson’s WELL Team has posted a graphic with more information free on-campus testing.


Results from On-Campus COVID-19 Testing

Test results from the Stetson community are part of Deland’s and Volusia County’s test results.

Information from the COVID-19 Test Results webpage of the Safer Stetson website


As of Aug. 26, overall, from on-campus testing, a total 1,863 tests have been administered. From the 1,863 tests, there are a total of 30 cases from on-campus testing. (Overall, from on-campus testing there is a 1.61% positivity rate.)


The Most Recent Test Results from On-Campus Testing


Test Results From Athletics From Aug. 13 to Aug. 18

Total Student-Athletes tested from Aug. 13 to Aug. 18: 474

Total cases from Student-Athletes from Aug. 13 to Aug. 18: 20 (There is a 4.2% positivity rate from testing administered to Student-Athletes from Aug. 13 to Aug. 18

Total Athletic Staff tested from Aug. 13 to Aug. 18: 83

From testing administered from Aug. 13 to Aug. 18, there is a member on the Athletic Staff that has been tested positive. (From testing administered between Aug. 13 to Aug.18, there is a 1.2% positivity rate.)


From Aug. 25

Total tested from the Stetson community on Aug. 25: 195

Total cases from the Stetson community from Aug. 25: 3 (There is a 1.54% positivity rate from testing administered on Aug. 25.)


Current Cases on Campus

As of Aug. 26, there are 57 current cases. 

  • Total cases from students: 56
  • There is currently one case from an employee.


Isolated On Campus 

  • To be more transparent, Lynn Schoenberg from The SCTF decided to track isolation on campus.
  • As of Aug. 26, there are a total of 224 members of the Stetson Community that are isolated on the Deland Campus.
    • Out of the total of 224 individuals that are isolated, seven employees and 217 students are being isolated.


Proposals Regarding Finances 

Due to the suspension of most Stetson-sponsored traveling, visitor limitations, and other policies for Fall 2020, John-Michael Liontas, Director of Finance, has proposed two recommendations regarding student life and student programming.

  1. Getting organizations to give back funds that will not be used. 
  2. Student organizations may allocate most travel funds and 35% of funds regarding food to “a pool of money” to be used for extraneous funds.

These proposals will need to be approved by Zachary Beaver, the Assistant Director of Student Organizations and Engagement, and then voted on at a later time.


Stay updated with SGA for more information.