Weekly COVID-19 Updates – 8/16

Stetson Updates 

  • The 2020-2021 Convocation Ceremony was held on Aug.12. There is a live recording of the convocation ceremony provided courtesy of Stetson Broadcast Productions. 
  • If possible, for the Fall 2020 semester, all academic experiences, such as internships, should be completed virtually or on-campus. To fulfill requirements for majors, minors, and graduation, there are special circumstances that will allow students to participate in an off-campus academic program. The webpage on Off-Campus Educational Programs provides further information regarding considerations and requirements for off-campus academic programs.
  • If you or someone you know is displaying symptoms of COVID-19, has been exposed to COVID-19, or is sick, please fill out the COVID-19 Report Form.
  • For athletes, there is now a COVID-19 Resocialization of Sports Plan


Upcoming Webinars From President Christopher Roellke, Ph.D. 

All of President Roellke’s weekly webinars have been moved to 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursdays due to possible conflicts with student schedules.

To register for upcoming webinars, click on the corresponding date of the webinar. 

President Roellke’s past webinars were held on July 16, July 23, July 30, and Aug. 6.

All forms of communication from President Roellke can be found here.


Updates From the Safer Campus Task Force (SCTF)

  • For tracking symptoms on campus, daily wellness checks should be completed on Everbridge. If you have technical concerns, please call 386-822-7417 or send an email to address the issue.


Results from On-Campus COVID-19 Testing

Information from the COVID-19 Test Results webpage of the Safer Stetson website


Test Results From July 

Total tested from the Stetson community in July: 475 

Total cases from the Stetson community in July: 2 (There is a 0.42% overall positivity.)


Test Results From Aug. 5 

Total tested from the Stetson community on Aug. 5: 117

There were no cases from testing administered on Aug. 5. 


Test Results From Aug. 7 to Aug.8 

Total tested from the Stetson community from Aug. 7 to Aug. 8: 270

Total cases from the Stetson community from Aug. 7 to Aug. 8: 2 (There is a 0.74% overall positivity rate on campus.)


From the DeLand campus, there are currently twelve cases from students. 


Meetings & Gatherings 

For the safety of the campus, as outlined in the detailed overview of the tiered system, if possible, it is strongly encouraged for virtual platforms to be used for all non-academic meetings and gatherings. All in-person settings for student organizations, staff, and employees, must be scheduled ahead of time, have a maximum of ten individuals, and must comply with the Face Covering Policy and physical distancing requirements. For meetings with visitors, all visitors must fill out the visitor screening form and be approved to be on campus. 


Check Stetson’s Safer Stetson website, the website’s FAQ webpage, and your Stetson email for updated information. 


Florida COVID-19 Case Updates 

1:37 p.m.

Data reported from the FDOH

Information from Daytona Beach News-Journal, Patricio G. Balona

Total tests in Florida: 4,239,309

Total cases in Florida: 573,416 (There is an overall 13.55% positivity rate.)

The overall positivity rate is determined from the total number of administered tests with conclusive test results.

  • Florida residents: 567,375
  • Non-Florida residents: 6,041

Total hospitalizations in Florida: 33,928

Total deaths in Florida: 9,452

Of the total cases in Florida:

  • 6,957 cases were announced in March.
  • 27,921 cases were announced in April.
  • 21,647 cases were announced in May.
  • 102,005 cases were announced in June.
  • 289,059 cases were announced in July.
  • 103,080 cases have been announced so far in Aug.


Records Regarding COVID-19 in Florida: