Ways You Can Help and Donate Locally: COVID-19

Calista Headrick, Opinions Editor

In this time of unprecedented change, there are many who have been greatly affected and are in need of help more than ever. Help lessen the impact of COVID-19 by donating to any of these organizations below.


The Neighborhood Center of West Volusia

  • Donate here, where your donation can help the homeless and the hungry.
    • Your gifts work toward building a foundation for The Neighborhood Center of West Volusia’s Emergency Assistance, Housing, Food Pantry, and Thrift Store programs.


United Way of Volusia-Flagler Counties

  • Donate here to their COVID-19 Relief Fund to help families and residents in Flagler and Volusia County in recovery efforts.


GoFundMe COVID-19 DeLand Restaurants Employees Fund

  • Donate here to the COVID-19 DeLand Restaurants Employees Fund organized by Hari Pulapaka.


AdventHealth Daytona Beach

  • Donate here to their Area of Greatest Need.
    • All donations made from April – July 2020 will help towards emergency funds used to purchase supplies and equipment during this time.


Athens Theatre

  • Donate here to help staff members of Athens Theatre who have been affected by reduced salaries and to help the theatre ensure that they will be able to reopen. 


Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida

  • Donate here to their Coronavirus Disaster Relief to help provide food to those in need.
    • Your $1 gift will provide 4 meals.