Death in DeLand

Vivianne Skavlem, Writer - The Reporter

Early this morning, a fatal stabbing occurred on the 300 block of North Woodland Boulevard. This occurred in front of the US Bank. A 32-year-old homeless man, Jared Shaw, stabbed 67-year-old Christine McCaleb, a homeless woman, and appears to have then inflicted wounds on himself. He is currently in custody and being treated for these wounds. Roads were briefly closed but have been reopened early morning of the 16th. Shaw is being charged with first degree murder. A first degree murder is a capital felony, and the state has the option to pursue the death penalty or life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

This case is ongoing.


As more information becomes available, the story will be updated.


Close to home: The stabbing occurred within walking distance of Stetson University’s campus.