Deland Local Must-Do’s

Our staff has compiled a few places in Downtown DeLand that we think you need to see. No semester at Stetson is complete without a visit to at least some of these local destinations!

Photographed by Jacob Mauser

Cliff’s Books

Jacob Mauser: A DeLand institution since 1983. Cliff specializes in comics and tabletop games, but his selection is eclectic and ever-changing. You can buy everything from anthologies of poetry to zoology treatises here, and if he doesn’t have exactly what you’re looking for, odds are he can find it for you. 


Photographed by Jacob Mauser

Farmer’s Market

Ashton Craig: The Artisan Alley Farmer’s Market is held every Friday at 6 PM on Artisan Alley. It’s the perfect place to grab healthy (and unhealthy) snacks for your dorm like fresh produce from local farms and baked goods. You can also grab dinner from the vendors that give a taste of local cuisine. The farmer’s market features more than just food: local artisans also sell handcrafted goods and live music often fills the street. 


Photographed by Natalie Bergeron

Trilogy Coffee

Naomi Johnson: If you like coffee and a mellow environment, Trilogy is the perfect place. This is one of my favorite spots in DeLand to sit, drink delicious coffee, and people watch. 


Photographed by Natalie Bergeron

Record Stores

Gracie Lookadoo: Need a new earworm? Grab your Walkman and get a-walkin’ on the right side of the road down to Groovy Records and Steve’s Downtown Music! Both of these record stores have shelves upon shelves of college- budget-friendly CDs, vinyl, tape, movies, and band merchandise of all genres. These shops also support local talent by hosting local bands during music festivals. 


Photographed by Natalie Bergeron

Riverside Antiques

Hannah Zeller: There is no better way to spend time downtown than in the antique shops. Wandering through their endless aisles without finding at least one thing that makes you question the very concept of time is nearly impossible. Seriously, pop on your favorite podcast and just explore, I promise you’ll never have spent a more relaxing afternoon.