Watching the rain, with the 2018-2019 Executive Editor

Colette Cacciola, Executive Editor - The Reporter

Hey guys,


I wish I had more time. Even to write this, I waited for days and had no idea what to say. I thought I would. I had grand plans for some inspiring letter to round off the year I have spent serving as Executive Editor of The Reporter. Instead, I find myself at a total loss for words. I am so grateful. And in awe. Radiant, and lost.


I joined Hatter Network before it was called that, and grew right alongside it. I’ve been writing since I was eleven. The first time I put it somewhere people would see it was for The Reporter. This magazine has contributed so much to my confidence, to my self-worth, and to my future. Truly. I have no words.


As I write this it’s raining. If I close my eyes I can practically hear the earth around me growing, eagerly. It reminds me that I, too, am still growing. It doesn’t end here. As afraid as I am, I have only begun to bloom.


I want to say thank you to so many people, they certainly won’t fit here. To my professors, who have helped me so much in my development as a writer and as a scholar, my friends, who are actually excited to be stressed with me, my boyfriend Brett who I love with my whole heart, to the Hatter Network Editorial Board, which is full of people who have loved and supported me always, to The Reporter team, all of whom have been there for me when I’ve needed them most. To everyone who has taken part in who I am now.


And, of course, to you, dear reader.


I am beyond grateful. Thank you, and please enjoy my final issue of The Reporter.



Executive Editor, The Reporter