2019-2020 Staff

Ruby Rosenthal


Ruby Rosenthal is prone to few things: making jokes in inappropriate situations, checking out more books from the library that she can feasibly read, and recycling. Rosenthal is the editor-in-chief of...

Hannah Zeller

Executive Editor

Jacob Mauser

Executive Editor of Touchstone

Jacob Mauser is the executive editor of Hatter Network's Touchstone Literary and Arts journal.  He's majoring in English with a focus on Medieval and Renaissance literature. When he isn't studying or...

Gracie Lookadoo

Executive Station Manager - WHAT Radio

Gracie is a junior studying music technology with a minor in digital arts, and she aspires to be an audio engineer.  Initially, she worked as a techie for WHAT Radio because the former Station Managers ...

Izzy Solorzano

Creative Director

Madison Gray

Design Staff

Gabe Trevino

Design Staff

Lauren Barney

Design Staff/News Staff

Lauren is a designer and local news writer for Hatter Network. She is a mass communications major and hopes to become a mass media analyst after she graduates. Her interest is traveling, playing video...

Bella Steiert

Design Staff - The Reporter; Show Host - WHAT Radio

Bella Steiert is a first year and a Digital Arts Major and a Marketing minor. She has a giant passion for listening to music, collection records, and going to concerts. She is the host of the Show the Alternat...

Julia Gray

Social Media Editor/Art Staff

Julia Gray is the social media editor for all of Hatter Network (follow on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @hatternetwork!!) as well as a writer, designer, and graphic designer for The Reporter. She is...

Lauren Ludlam

Arts Staff

Tyler Kick

Arts Staff - The Reporter; Touchstone Staff

Natalie Bergeron

Photo Editor

Natalie Bergeron is the Photo Editor for Hatter Network. She is an environmental science major with a lively passion for plants. She loves music and Cuban food, spending a large amount of her time at Chicas...

Jillian Semmel

Photo Staff

Jillian Semmel is joining the Hatter Network team as a photographer. She is a freshman who loves photography and wants to be a professional photographer. Jillian’s favorite series is Harry Potter, she...

Gaby Molina

Photo Staff

Kevin Vega

Photo Staff

Caitlin Bhagwandeen

Photo Staff

Caitlin Bhagwandeen is a Photographer and captures shots for stories featured in The Reporter. She is an Art History and Biology major, with some of her hobbies being painting, calligraphy, traveling,...

Arnaldo Chow


Arnaldo Chow is the Webmaster for Hatter Network this year (basically he uploads stuff like this on the website). He is a Computer Science major with his personal interests including playing videogames...

Ashton Craig

News & Local Editor

Ashton Craig, the News & Local editor of The Reporter, is a journalist and creative writer from Daytona Beach, Florida. Her parents flocked down south to avoid cold Pittsburgh winters, so she has become...

Kendall Couture

News Staff

Gabriel Rey

News Staff

Nicole Rosen

News Staff

Nicole Rosen is a News/Local writer for Hatter Network. She is an English Major and Creative Writing Minor who hopes to become an author or write storylines for video games after graduation. She loves...

Maxx Smith

News Staff - The Reporter; Show Host - Touchstone

Maxwell Smith is an opinion writer for the Reporter as well as the host of Maxxpolicy on WHAT Radio. He enjoys politics, coffee, the city of Chicago, and meatless burgers. He joined Hatter Network to encourage...

Naomi Johnson

News Staff - The Reporter; Show Host - WHAT Radio

Naomi Johnson is a staff writer for the Reporter and event director for Hatter Network. She is a communications and international relations major. She loves the beach and going to Disney World.

Ihsaan Fanusie

Sports Editor

Ihsaan Fanusie is the sports editor for the Reporter, as well as a writer for the news and sports sections. He enjoys reading and writing and can be found playing pick-up basketball on any earthly sur...

Josh Miller

Sports Staff

Allie Wilson

Sports Staff

Allie Wilson is a writer for The Reporter, currently working in the sports section. She's an English major with hope of a future in journalism. Her favorite pastime is hiking and she enjoys writing poetry...

D’Andre Lewis

Sports Staff

Calista Headrick

Opinions Editor

Calista is an opinion writer for the Reporter. She is an English major and hopes to one day work in the publishing industry. She loves to read, is slightly obsessed with K-Pop, and wants to travel the...

Joseph Dallas

Opinions Editor

Jay Stearman

Opinion Staff

Jay Stearman is an opinion writer for Hatter Network. He is an Environmental Studies major and hopes to become a sustainable agriculture leader after he graduates. He likes plant-based diets, loud music,...

Hannah Russo

Writer - The Reporter

Ashley Allensworth

Writer - The Reporter

Jenny Fang

Writer - The Reporter

Catie Brumit

Resident Astrologer - The Reporter

Rene Campbell

Arts & Culture Editor - The Reporter; Associate Editor of Touchstone

Rene Campbell is the Arts and Culture Section Editor for the Reporter as well as the Associate Editor of Touchstone. She is an English major with minors in Creative Writing and Journalism. She can be found...

Eva Martinez

Touchstone Staff

Jamie Pietrasz

Touchstone Staff

Brianna Morris

Touchstone Staff

Kris Villota

Assistant Station Manager - WHAT Radio

Kris Villota is a junior in music technology with a minor in political sciences. They aspire to be a music producer and audio engineer, and dreams about opening their own entertainment company that will br...

Kevin Sullivan

Show Host - WHAT Radio

Looking to catch up on what’s going on in the sports world? Tune into Gametime as we take a look into breaking news, make predictions, analysis, hot takes, and much more!  Think you know more? Ha...

Thomas Wasman

Show Host - WHAT Radio

Are You Not Entertained? is Stetson’s longest running podcast. Thomas Wasman and David Royal talk all things film, mainly new releases with special episodes dedicated to unique movies of the past. The show...

Elizabeth Henderson

Show Host - WHAT Radio

Elizabeth Henderson is a sophomore and cohosts *Insert Game Here*. She is a big fan of game shows on TV and wants to bring some excitement to WHAT Radio. *Insert Game Here* is the best parts of Jeopardy and...

Jack Levine

Show Host - WHAT Radio

Jack Levine is a freshman from Boca Raton, Florida. He is a biology major with an interest in emergency medicine. He has been involved in live entertainment for many years, through his school drama programs...

Micheala Thomas

Show Host - WHAT Radio

Micheala is a senior International Business Major. She is from Atlanta, Ga by way of New Orleans, La. She is one of the show hosts of Auntie Adjacent, which is meant to be a new creative outlet and way...

Kala Diltz

Show Host - WHAT Radio

Kala Diltz is a senior with a Biology major as well as an Africana Studies minor. On top of her academic courses, she is also heavily involved throughout campus. She is on the Multicultural Student Counc...

Bre d’Shi

Show Host - WHAT Radio

Bree Shi hosts the show “Anarchy of Speech” at 11 pm-12 am. Instead of telling others about herself, she'd prefer to listen to their stories. Her show is a platform that invites students to confro...

Malachi Gabriel

Show Host - WHAT Radio

My name is Malachi Gabriel and I’m a senior here at Stetson. My major is Communication and Media Studies. I’m a published author with a poetry book on Amazon called “My Words, Your Interpretation...

Nathan Price

Show Host - WHAT Radio

Nathan Price is a freshman radio host for WHAT Radio with a major in Elementary Education. His hobbies include writing down his thoughts and feelings on his phone; watching comedic YouTube channels; and l...

Saige Gidzinski

Show Host - WHAT Radio

Saige-Lyn Gidzinski is a student athlete at Stetson University. She is a sophomore whose majoring in Marine Biology with dual minors in Journalism and History. She hosts two shows on WHAT Radio here on campus....

Gordon Silva

Technology Specialist and Show Host - WHAT Radio

Gordon Silva is the tech guy that you call when the station’s on fire. He's a junior Digital arts student that loves music of all kinds (yes including noise, ambient, free jazz, and indian tabla solos, but not ...

Destin Beaumont

Technology Specialist - WHAT Radio

My name is Destin Beaumont. I'm a music technology major and a junior at Stetson. I'm passionate about music, not just listening but making music. Besides music I'm interested in a lot of outdoor acti...

Danny Barata

Technology Assistant and Show Host - WHAT Radio

Danny Barata is a cyber security major here at Stetson. He is a WHAT Radio Show host and Techie and he hosts the show “The Game Haven”. The Game Haven is a Broad-Pod show that talks about all thin...

Nathan West

Technology Assistant and Show Host - WHAT Radio

Nathan West, a sophomore Music education major, is always on the move. Whether it’s directing choirs, making music, or even Zumba, he never misses an opportunity to have fun. Be sure to say hello to hi...

Anthony Donofrio

Technology Assistant and Show Host - WHAT Radio

On WHAT Radio, they have a podcast called On the Rag, hosted by Anthony Donofrio and his cohosts, Ryan Wade, Jose Moncayo, and Robert Armstrong. It’s a comedy talk show podcast where he and his cohosts...

Robert Armstrong

Technology Assistant - WHAT Radio

Robert Armstrong cohosts a show called On the Rag.  It’s a comedy talk show podcast where he and the other hosts come up with random topics to talk about. They tend to not be very serious during the r...

Catharine Remey

Technology Assistant - WHAT Radio

Catharine Remey is a sophomore sociology major with a concentration in criminology and a minor in psychology. She is a techie for WHAT Radio and has always been into technology. She joined WHAT Radio to hav...

Ethan Dishman

Technology Assistant - WHAT Radio

Ethan Dishman is a first year business major at Stetson from Charlotte, North Carolina. He joined the radio team because it was something his dad did in college and is very excited to be a tech assistant at...

Josiah Ward

Technology Assistant - WHAT Radio

Josiah Ward is a First-Year Health Sciences Major at Stetson, and is now a radio tech! He joined WHAT as a way to learn new skills and help creators to leave their impact on the school. He's excited t...

Jose Moncayo

Technology Assistant - WHAT Radio

Jose Moncayo is a Junior Digital Arts Major with a focus in Sound Design. He is both a techie and a co-host for the "On The Rag" podcast. His interest to become a techie came from desiring more experience...

Garrett McCormick

Technology Assistant - WHAT Radio

Garrett McCormick is a 3rd year Bassoon Performance major from Orlando, Florida. He has been a part of radio for 2 years, mainly being a part of the tech position.  ...