A difficult goodbye, from a 2018-2019 Section Editor

Kaitlyn Kocsis, Section Editor - The Reporter

It is immensely difficult to say goodbye to student media. Hatter Network has been a huge source of my happiness while at Stetson. I have truly been blessed to work with such an inspiring, determined, and creative team. I sincerely thank Kait Forsythe and Shaylen Vitale for being my fearless leaders over the years. Thank you to Colette for keeping our staff sane and smiling. To my fellow section editors, please please keep writing. Lana and Hannah, you are both so talented. I am humbled to work alongside such strong and smart women. And to my writers, there are no words. You have grown into such incredible journalists. I hope Hatter Network continues to foster your love for creating as it did for me.


Finally, to all of our readers, THANK YOU. Journalism has no power without someone reading it. You have all empowered me to continue pursuing my passions. I call to each and every one of you readers, do what you love. The money will come, the success will come. But the joy is up to you. So take charge, work hard, and enjoy life. Catch you all on the flipside.


Signing off, sincerely, Kaitlyn.