Coffee Shop Now Sells Sushi

Shaylen Vitale, Editor-in-Chief

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The Stetson campus’s resident Barnie’s Coffee and Tea Co. has now added an addition to their bagels and muffins atypical of a coffee shop: sushi.

Today is the first day Barnie’s has added the assortment of sushi including california rolls, poke bowls, spring rolls, and vegetarian options. The food is sourced by AFC Sushi, a common purveyor of sushi goods at supermarket chains such as Publix.

Sushi is now being sold at the coffee shop on campus.

According to coffee shop employee Icaro Pacheco, this is nothing new. “The coffee shop used to have sushi awhile ago,” he said. “They wanted to bring it back.”

The choice to bring back sushi may have been influenced by student feedback as well. Solstice Backus-Little, ’20, and Samantha Dunlap, ’21, said they requested sushi and smoothies in the dining survey last year. “We both asked for smoothies and sushi and now the coffee shop has both,” Backus-little said. “They fulfilled what we wanted”.

Student opinion appears to have been positive so far, especially for Rene Campbell, ’20. “I’m pretty happy,” she said.

“I already know I’m gonna waste all my hatter bucks on sushi!”