REVIEW: The Vagina Monologues presented by Stetson NOW

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On February 17th, the National Organization for Women’s production of The Vagina Monologues was performed in our very own Allen Hall. All donations and bids on multitudes of items given by local businesses were donated to the Daytona Beach Domestic Abuse Council.

The setting of the room itself was simplistic, focusing on the whole point of the show: women’s voices and their words. It’s important that women are heard ,and the collection of monologues, including three by our own Stetson students, calls attention to issues women face globally. It brings awareness to major issues like genital mutilation and rape, while also hitting home on softer themes of love and sensuality. At times it allows women to reclaim what belongs to them and demonstrates our desensitization of words that are derogatory towards women. We need open encouragement of embracing your sexuality and giving women what they deserve.

The production really caught me by surprise. As an active feminist, I figured I would be in favor of the production, but I wasn’t expecting to be surprised by the power behind the words of those women. They were convincing and each seemed to have their own personal connection to what they were speaking about. I found myself laughing hysterically at how unique a moan can be, almost in tears at the rape of a young girl, and amazed at the revolution blossoming before my eyes. I’m not saying this specific production is going to change the world, but I am saying it’s important to attend events like these to recognize that what’s being spoken about is impactful. We become blind to the issues affecting others when they don’t happen to us. When we shrug it off and say there’s nothing we can do, we are making a choice and allowing the problem to continue.

If nothing else, allow me to leave you with one line from the show: “My short skirt, believe it or not, has nothing to do with you.”