GREEN FRIDAY: Workouts that Don’t Involve Running in Place

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Although going to the gym may be relaxing to some, for others it’s a place of high stress. I am part of the latter population and thus decided to find alternatives to stay active. Below are four of my favorite workouts that don’t require hitting the gym. I’ve included the averages of calories you can burn but please be aware that sex, gender, weight, height, and genetics will play a role in how many calories you can lose.


With an abundance of natural springs and lakes, Florida, especially Central Florida, is the perfect place to go kayaking. Essentially, a kayak fits one to two people and you must row an oar in order to move along the water. It can be especially peaceful in the early afternoon with a friend! A mere hour of gliding along will burn about 283 for a person that weighs 125 lbs, or 340 for someone that is 150 lbs.


Ok, hear me out: I understand it’s the end of the semester and more likely than not, your dorm/apartment is in shambles. Not to mention, cleaning is probably the last thing you’re in the mood to do after a stressful day. Rather than struggling to find time to clean and go to the gym, simply take an hour to deep clean your home. Not only will you be actively working on your health, but you’ll improve your peace of mind with a clean home. A 125-pound person will lose around 165 calories while someone who is 150 pounds will lose around 230 calories.


One of my absolute favorite things to do when I’m alone is to have a dance party of one. Seriously. Not only does it make me feel good about myself, but it also allows me to release any stress or excess energy (a rare occurrence) from the day. You may also decide that going to a nightclub or bar with friends and dancing is more your scene. Regardless, a 125-pound person may burn around 5.5 calories per minute while someone who is 155 pounds may burn around 7. This is around 330 and 410 calories per hour, respectively.


Yes, you can go hiking in Florida. It may not be mountainous but there are dozens of natural trails in the Central Florida area alone! Hiking in the early morning is probably my favorite outdoor activity. The air is still cool and misty and oftentimes you are alone on the trails. It’s a great way to clear your head or sort through any problems. Your weight, the terrain, the speed of the hike, and the distance all take a huge factor into how many calories you burn. That’s why it’s estimated you could burn anywhere between 300-600 calories in an hour. Definitely take advantage of the clean air while we can (thanks, pollution).

The month of April celebrates Earth Day, a holiday celebrated in over 193 countries. Since it’s beginning in 1970, it’s been a day to celebrate our Earth and to raise awareness to issues that threaten the environment. This month, get a feel for our planet by hiking, or kayaking, or anything outdoors.

Happy Green Friday!

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